Create a unique atmosphere in your home!

Experience the simplicity of Finnish design with our minimalist interior design selection. Our products have clean lines and natural materials that create a calming and serene atmosphere in your home. Our physical store is located in Hyvinkää city center, welcome to visit! In addition, we deliver online orders quickly nationwide.

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Let your home be the most comfortable place on earth.

Start creating a new atmosphere in your home with us. Choose cozy textiles, stylish storage solutions, beautiful posters, and scents for your home.

  • Johanna Saarinen

    Regular customer

    A well-functioning online store, the products were of high quality and the service was friendly, precise and very fast. Strong recommendation for this one!

  • Natalia

    Regular customer

    The other day I visited the new store in Hyvinkää, Two Moons boutique, and I was pleasantly surprised by the wide selection of goods. Excellent quality textiles, towels, pillows and bedding. All kinds of flower pots, different sizes and colors. I really liked the storage baskets. Soft and beautiful blankets and bedding went with me. Soft and pleasant to the body. You can also buy bath salts, additives and spices for food.

    All products are environmentally friendly & of high quality. I definitely recommend this store.

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